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FRIday, JUNE 17 - JULY 29, 2022

We're taking a few Fridays out of the summer to showcase all types of young adult art in Columbus.

Why? Because when you ENCOUNTER the art, you ENCOUNTER the artist!

Grab your FREE tickets from the site below and join us! We hope to see you all there.

sunDAY maY 15, 2022
AT 2:00

Wanna just hang out with good friends & good tacos? Us too. 

So we're planning to meet up at taco fest for just that.

Come hang with us!
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Cross Examination

Currently Ongoing!
Many of us have questions about the Bible, it’s validity, if Jesus was actually real, is there proof for the resurrection...

Any and every question you got, bring em on. If you know anyone who’s atheist, agnostic, deistic... we don’t have all the answers but we want to go ahead and dive deeper into the Bible.

Join us on Zoom on Friday nights at 8:00!   Bring a friend. 

Community food prep

1st Wednesday of Every Month!

Connection Community serves at Hilltop SDA every 1st Wednesday of every month. This Wednesday, November 4th we are back at it again!

Meal prepping starts at 5:30 pm, giving out the meals starts at 6:15pm (meals are still being packaged until about 7/7:15) and ends once all the meals have been passed out. I will be there at 5:15pm.

Safety clarification: Volunteers are inside the church and community coming to get dinner come to the door and are handed their packed meal. All volunteers wear masks. There are also gloves provided for the making of the food.

It's Complicated

A relationship series

Are there plenty more fish in the sea, or have you found the one? 


Even if its complicated, we've got something for you. 


Tune in on Facebook Live for our FREE relationship series just in time for the start of cuffing season. 

Starting September 12, 2020 Pastor Coaxum and Gomez will be speaking to us on relationships from single, to married and EVERYTHING in between. 

Clear the Table

Join us this Sunday on Facebook Live as we talk about the impact that our family relationships have on us in the pursuit of romantic relationships. 


Our small group #RelationshipPending's 'Clear the Table' livestream  will be hosted by our guest Dr. Zephon Lister, a licensed marriage and family counselor! 


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